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Double Your Interest With Secondary Market Annuities

A brief discussion of how and why secondary market annuities' relatively higher interest rates may benefit your portfolio. Visit us for additional information at

Video Transcript

Hi this is Lenny Robbins at LifeNet Insurance Solutions and today I'd like to speak about secondary market annuities. These annuities pay a higher rate of return than current annuities typically pay and the reason for that is that they are already structured from typically five to twenty years in length and they are issued by highly rated insurance companies.

But the rate of return and the amount of time that the return is received is already in place and you must accept it as is. However, of course, you get a higher rate of return so if that structure makes sense for you, it's a win-win situation.

These annuities come up in the marketplace and go relatively quickly. Therefore if it's something that might interest you it's wise to get in touch with me first so that I can let the market makers know what you're looking for.

Typically you're going to find rates of return early two thousand and twelve in the four to six and sometimes seven percent range, which as you know are much higher than rates of return for fixed annuities.

If you would like some further information please get in touch with me (800) 310-4545 or click on the information below and I will be happy to send you a detailed summary of offers and how the product works.

Thank you so much this is Lenny Robbins at LifeNet Insurance Solutions. Thanks for watching.

How to create guaranteed retirement income through annuities

Creating sustainable retirement income is real challenge, and it's in times like these – where historically low interest rates have squeezed out potential returns for bonds and term deposits – that annuities can play a role.

In this video, Wealth Protection Specialist Andre Guillemette outlines how annuities can turn retirement savings into guaranteed income.

Learn more at