Should You Sell All of Your Stocks – Dow Drops 1000 Points

Is the bull market over? Should you sell everything? DOW plunges 1000 points in a single day.

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I don’t want to say I told you so but If you have been a follower of mine for a while now you KNOW that I have been predicting the market to pull back pretty heavily. It doesn’t matter if it’s the election, China trade war, corona virus, or anything else. Markets do not trade like this for long. No matter what it would have been, we would have seen a pullback.

And we needed this. 1. If we want to continue this bull market, we need to see a pullback. This is great because nobody who knows anything about the markets wants to buy anything here.

Everybody knows that almost any stock at this point is overpriced.

2. This is important and great overall because it will teach new people who are investing and trading that what we have seen for the past year or more IS NOT NORMAL. Rarely can you ever just throw money into any position and make HUGE returns.

I do think that this pullback, especially if it continues will shake out a ton of new investors. Especially the “millennial” ones who have come in within the past year with brokers such as robin hood, M1 and webull who will be worried.

I am here today to say that this is normal…. Well SPY pulling back almost 4% in a day is not normal. Being neither is SPY going up 24% in 14 months.

What is normal is market fluctuations. I just made an entire course going over the book “trading for a living” and one thing I talk about is “the dog and the man” reference. Watch this now.


Now, I know it was just by chance, but the point is that THIS WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN. IT will happen with TSLA, with will happen with SPCE, it just happened with SPY. Markets will correct themselves

Because charts and stock prices are just what the world thinks it’s worth… then have times when something happens and people realized “oh, this is SOOO overpriced.” Or a keen investor says, “oh this is underpriced.” And starts buying up shares.

This is not new and everyone who is investing should have been ready for this. THE FIRST VIDEO I MADE ON THIS CHANNEL WAS ABOUT THIS EXACT TOPIC.

Now personally I think that the chances for a recession are still pretty low and no one should be running for the hills just yet.

While elections, the virus, and possible trade news can affect the market short term out economy is still looking good. Yes, we are growing at a slower rate but overall, I still think this is just a slight correction.

Yes, I could be wrong and fi this virus gets way out of hand and the economy starts to take a serious hit due to companies having factories shut down for extended periods of time then yes…. We could have a HUGE problem on our hands.

To finish this video out I am not here to single out anyone who just got into the market and is worried. I want to see you all succeed and I don’t want to see you guys run for the hills and give up trading and investing if we pull back 40% or something crazy. These things happen. This is a long-term game. Don’t let the short term ruin your future.

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