Medicare What to do??? Which plan is best and How to know I am getting the best price on my Drugs.

So…as the story goes… we are at my mother-in-law’s house last night and she is complaining that some pill she needs costs $500 each.  I remembered your article in the Scottsdale Airpark News, found it, downloaded the GoodRx app, and found the generic brand at Safeway for $50 for 10 pills.  She was so so happy and I made sure to give you all the credit (not her ex-son-in-law the pharmacist).


So for this week in our family You Da Man!”





“Wow, Paul.


What a wonderful piece of advice you gave me. Not only was I billed $1,375 for anesthesia, they hadn’t gotten around to billing me the same amount for the nurses. I called the provider as you suggested and explained the situation as you recommended and my total payment on both invoices, paid immediately with credit card before they changed their mind, was $194.24. I’m in total shock to say the least!


Thank you so very much for sharing your experience and wisdom with me!”





What to do!

Use the GoodRx app on all your pharmacy purchases.  The lowest prices can often be lower than the co-pay on your medical plan.  They also are excellent for those with Health Savings Accounts.  

Ask for the In-Network Discount for out-of-network providers.  Often these can be from out-of-network emergency room doctors and anesthesia doctors who work in the in-network hospital.  Negotiate your own deal and pay in full at the provider or to the collection agency and obtain significance reductions.

Use the Member Service lines at the health insurance companies to ask for advice.  They will know the rules and regulations about balance billing, notifications, etc.

Find an experience health insurance agent who will be able to help evaluate your problems and the alternatives for solving it.

Join iEverydayCARE for just $105/month from our friends at or arrange for a Redirect Health employer plan for your business.  They are experts at determining the right health coverage at a fair price.

Join one of the Cost Sharing plans for individuals and families or the Sedera Health Cost Sharing for businesses.  They will negotiate on your behalf.



I am now partnering with leading local health insurance and employee benefits experts.  Please reach out to me at 602 692-6832 or [email protected] for an initial conversation, evaluation, or referral.  

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