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  1. What surprised me most when I applied for benefits at 62 was: I was told that if the projected earnings I filed exceeded the maximum earnings cap, they would keep entire checks until that $1.00 per $2.00 over the limit benefits was withheld. The example given was: If I earned $45,000 a year, filed, and kept working, I wouldn’t get my first check until October and then I would only get a couple of checks before they started keeping them again. In my case, I was already semi-retired made $24,000 annually at a part time job, so I wouldn’t get my first check until May 2018. The other thing that surprised me was, even though I didn’t file in my first calendar year of eligibility, because I had already exceeded the annual income limit, and instead filed starting effective January 1, 2018, my first direct deposit is not set to arrive until on or after February 23, 2018. So I can’t depend on any money from Social Security until almost March. How can that be? I thought Social Security deposits always came out on the first of the month? In effect, I had to reduce my hours worked considerably In January and February without gaining any additional income to offset the lost wages. This would make it effectively impossible for anyone with an average full time job to file early and gain any kind of financial advantage.

    1. You always get paid for the last full month you are alive rather than before you complete a month, just like you get paid after you perform the work rather than before you start it. My father-in-law didn’t want to make my husband have to send back his last social security check so he decided to die on December 31, 2016, I swear I have no clue how he did this but he did so he got his full retirement benefit for every month of 2016 and before, stubborn and did not want to give the gov’t anything extra! Retiring at 62 is early retirement likely causing a penalty, who can afford that? Rather, wait to retire at 70 and get the maximum 8% bonus for delaying retirement for the rest of your life.

    2. You’re not supposed to retire early or at all. By the time, I hit 70, there won’t be anything for me to collect. Tptb think you’re supposed to work until you die.

  2. I began collecting at 62 after I retired. Last year I cashed out an IRA to catch up on bills and do some home remodeling ($45k). I received a letter from SS in Dec. stating that since my income went up so much in 2016 (because of the IRA) they were reducing my monthly SS by $225 per month for 2017. I was not working, I simply cashed out some of my retirement savings that I paid tax on when I cashed it out BUT they penalized me for “making too much.” The letter stipulated that SS would review my situation at the end of 2018 and IF I had the same income as I had in 2015 I would see that $225 per month in my 2019 SS payments. This is a NEW law, I guess implemented within the last few years. Congress passes laws that do not affect them…it just affects the serfs.

    1. Any money that you haven’t paid taxes on yet is simply deferred income. When you take it out they tax it but it adds to whatever else should get as income. Once you begin receiving Social Security you have to be careful how much you take out of any tax-deferred retirement accounts because they will add it all together as income. I don’t believe this is new because I’ve heard of it about 15-20 years ago. We think of it as Retirement money. But the government thinks of it as earned income that you never pay taxes on. The idea is that you get it out later when your tax bracket is lower. That way when you do pay taxes it is a smaller amount. It requires planning to take out a large lump sum. You might need to start a year or two in advance and take out only a portion and save it up. I’m afraid you learned the hard way what happens when you take out a large amount of deferred income. If you were still in the same year you might have been able to borrow some money and put back the excess like a roll over. Perhaps the interest is less than the taxes.

    2. Big Mike Johnson — So MANY well organized & very DECEPTIVE secret servants of Satan have infiltrated and are running the government and the bureaucracies. They are being referred to now as “the Deep State” or “The Swamp”. They are very sly thieves and every other type of criminal, who rip off the citizens in any and every way that they can come up with. Their goal is to destroy America & the sovereignty of every nation and create a worldwide, tyrannical, totalitarian, military, murderous, oppressive police-state ruled by the secret servants of Satan’s Globalist, New World Order, Power-Elite, Establishment, military industrial complex, international bankster-gangsters, Rothschild Dynasty ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE (aka the Kingdom of Satan). They intend to create HELL ON EARTH, like North Korea, Venezuela, Hunger Games 2 and worse. Maybe this sounds really far out BUT check out Deborah Tavares and her research videos. Check out the Georgia Guidestones. Check out the document: “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” — or is it: “Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars? I forgot which way it is stated. The Satanists have MANY sneaky methods of murder and destruction that they are using against the world’s population. The United Nations Agenda 21 DEPOPULATION PLAN calls for the elimination of 85-90% of the world’s population. These “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are literally everywhere; robbing, destroying, infiltrating, subverting and corrupting everything that is GOOD.
      Check out what is going on in California under the Satanic governor Jerry Brown and his Satanic, communist, Globalist cronies. The Satanists have definite plans to tyrannize and plunder every state and every nation.

    1. wayne montgomery Social Security is a supplement for retirement that I paid into. This is not a hand out it’s a payback. If they do not want to pay it then they should not have taken it from my earnings for sixty years.

    2. EF ANDMK Social Security has nothing to do with taxes. Particularly since Alexander Hamilton had been dead 150 years before FDR passed the legislation. Is there no limit of ignorance as how the system works.
      Federal taxes were supposed to be temporary but never met a politician that didn’t love to tax the middle class to death.

  3. If we demand that members of congress use SS just as we do, this crap would be fixed real fast!! SS is the single most corrupt , government created rip off that was ever jammed down the throats of Americans!!! WHEN WILL WE STAND UP!!!???

    1. If we demanded anything of our government ever, we would truly see that the answer would be No, we get what they allow us to have in every way shape and form.

    1. Tyrone Koumoundouros — Socialist Security was originally designed and intended to give the Satanic Establishment, Power- Elite, Illuminati, Globalists LOTS of MONEY and POWER. The SS system, like the Federal Reserve and the IRS, is a HUGE SCAM, economic TYRANNY and PLUNDER of the American people.

  4. for 2018 our raise they gave us well when i got my paper saying how much i would be getting it is the same as it was in 2017 and then i looked i see where my raise went they increased my medicare payment so thanks alot for that big ( NO ) raise.

    1. Linda Baird — They raised my Medicare B the exact amount of the SS “raise”. So the amount I received did not change. I hope that Trump can drain the Satanic, Deep State Swamp and all their rip- off scams against the American people.

    2. We always get a token raise when our medical insurance goes up so actually, we never see our raise in hand. The raise just compensates for the higher premium.

  5. I am 59 yrs old and can not find a job where I live. Going back to school doesn’t seem to be a option. I worked last 2002. I worked for a Dr and ran the office for 23 yrs. He played me under the table for most. I now don’t qualify for medicare.what can I do ? I need 2 more yrs. I’m not tech savvy. Help

    1. Karen Smith — Secret servants of Satan “Deep State”, “the Swamp” have heavily infiltrated every branch, bureau, agency and level of government. They plunder, steal and destroy America in any and every way that they can come up with. Check out: Deborah Tavares and her videos!

    1. I did look it up and you’re dead wrong. A 2017 Gallup poll that asked survey respondents “whether immigrants to the United States are making the [tax] situation in the country better or worse” found that 41 percent said “worse,” while only 23 percent said “better” (33 percent said they had “no effect”).

      The reality is far different. Immigrants who are authorized to work in the United States pay the same taxes as US citizens. And, contrary to the persistent myth, undocumented immigrants do in fact pay taxes too. Millions of undocumented immigrants file tax returns each year, and they are paying taxes for benefits they can’t even use.

      The best estimates come from research by the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy, a Washington, DC, think tank, which suggests that about half of undocumented workers in the United States file income tax returns. The most recent IRS data, from 2015, shows that the agency received 4.4 million income tax returns from workers who don’t have Social Security numbers, which includes a large number of undocumented immigrants. That year, they paid $23.6 billion in income taxes.

      Those undocumented workers paid taxes for benefits they can’t even use, like Social Security and Medicare. They also aren’t eligible for benefits like the earned income tax credit. But the IRS still expects unauthorized immigrants to file their taxes, and many of them do so.

  6. why  are  these  people  attacking  people  who  worked ?  and  paid  into  social security ,  instead  of  the  ones  who  never  put  a  dime  in  the  system?  because  they  never  worked  any where they  lived  off  other  people  their  whole  dam  life,  and  when  they  can’t  find  a free  living  any more,  they  pretend  to  be  sick  and  hurt,  but  they  can  get  other  people  money  they  slaved  for  in  the  blink  of  an  eye.  and  the  ones  who  worked  for  it  have  to  go  through  hell  and  high water  and  they  are  the  ones  who  paid  into  the  system.  and  bums  don’t  have  to  do  a  dam  thing  but  put  on  an  act  and  live  off  a  system  they  put  nothing  into.they  are  hurt  and  sick  but  can  keep  producing  babies  and  stay  in  bars  and  clubs  more  than  people  who  still  work  everyday !  and  why  if  a  child  is adhd.,  they  get  a  check?   why  do  they  need  money the  medication  is  already  paid  for  by people  tax  money. so  what  is  the  extra  money  for weren’t  the  parents  supporting  them  before  they  were  told  the  child  had a.d.h.d. ?

    1. gdiamond — When the wicked hold governmental positions, the good people suffer, are plundered and destroyed.
      ——- Pray for all the secret servants of Satan to be removed from all positions of power, authority, leadership, influence, ownership and all governmental positions at every level throughout America and the world.
      —– Pray for God’s friends to be put into ALL positions of power, authority, leadership, influence, ownership and all governmental positions at every level throughout America and the world.

    2. I agree with you. I have a neighbor who have 4 kids and brag about having a lot of money to me. I was thinking, you donot work, you drive a Lexus, a house, so I searched ssdisability. Since 3 of her children has adhd, and one special, my estimate is 2290 per child. Multiply it by 4. And probably she too is getting. So her income might be let say 10,000 a month plus food stamps plus Medicaid. I worked for 24 years and decided to retire. If it’s not for my husband’s insurance, I will not have insurance. and if I apply for Medicaid, I did not meet the requirement.

    1. Lee Curt, Social Security was never intended to be your only source of income. We we’re taught that 40 years ago when I was young but I guess some people weren’t listening. Now their screwed and its everyone’s else’s fault.

    2. Walleye
      So what your saying is that you were taught to work
      1. Past 65
      2. Two Jobs.
      3. Hoping you get a Pension at the job you have, which started being taken away in the 80’s; along with the Union busting during that decade.
      4. Get married, have children and learn that saving money was impossible.
      Do tell me more (with the legalized theft going on in real estate, fines, fees, taxes, ect) about how those who were the backbone of the workforce in this country,
      and many did their best. How they are able to make it.
      Oh I know. Work for the Govt and learn how to lose your soul.

    3. Lee Curt, at 64, I still work a full time job and a part time job because I enjoy it. Both private sector jobs but now I can start throttling back and start enjoying what I really want to do like hiking and biking trips while I still have my health. Heck, I’ll have the means to work as much or as little as I want and start donating my time for non profits like Habitat For Humanity or some bike program for kids. My company paid me a full months salary in 2017 to do just that and I then volunteered even more time off the clock. You can rest when your dead!

    4. Walleye ;
      Based on your response; I see your first comment and your last one is based on what you do, and what you have. Sorry; can’t endulge with a self satisfying individual whose opinion is based around himself. By the way; you might not know it yet, but your already dead.

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