The 10 Best Cities to Retire in the US

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The 10 Best Cities to Retire in the US.

Choosing where to retire in the US can be very overwhelming – so many great options and factors to consider! Regardless of whether you’re seeking an action-packed retirement or looking instead for a peaceful escape from hectic city life, you’ll find here the 10 best cities to retire in the US.
1. Prescott, Arizona
2. Venice, Florida
3. St. Augustine, Florida
4. Beaufort, South Carolina
5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
6. Abilene, Texas
7. Austin, Texas
8. Boise, Idaho
9. Palm Springs, California
10. Salt Lake City, Utah
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60 Replies to “The 10 Best Cities to Retire in the US”

    1. WarioWareProductions Boston pretty much sucks year around, maybe a little less in the fall. Not much in the way of trendy shopping or golf courses.

    2. Florida attracts for one simple reason, no income tax. People will put up with the humid summers and potential hurricanes there for a few months of beautiful weather and no tax.

    1. If you’re talking about Arizona, then I hate that. I hate when people think that Arizona is only desert. If you were looking at maps, you will see that we have forest and woods. I live in southern Arizona and it snows here.

  1. None of these would work for folks on limited incomes. The title ought to be changed to reflect the fact that the cities are for the wealthy, as are most cities.
    I don’t know why it is generally assumed that retirees plan to spend their days at some beach.

  2. if you’re looking for any constructive criticism, get rid of the Siri-like automated voice as it is extremely irritating. Your city shots are great but because of the voice I looked at the listing of cities, wrote this comment, then deleted the video. Thanks!

    1. San Diego = Hepatitis Capital of America thanks to the crazy unhinged Marxist Leftist DemoncRATS allowing the homeless to crap on the streets and sidewalks. Crazy people. Stay away from San Diego. Unless you want to catch Hepatitis and die.

    2. Yeah, I’ve lived in California for 45 years. It’s time to get out. What they don’t talk about San Diego is that the weather is tolerable along the beach but Escondido and areas off the coast are hotter than hell. Not to mention you are about 15 minutes from Mexico and you have a lot of young military guys, most of whom are okay, but it’s not a family atmosphere where those guys hang out.

  3. This video is outdated. Texas has 3rd highest property taxes in U.S. You have to be a zillionaire (not a millionaire) to live in Austin comfortably. If tornadoes, snow, & boredom don’t bother you, Abilene might work.

    1. I know a guy who ran a senior mobile home park there. It was like living in a frying pan during the summer inside those uninsulated container shaped houses.

    1. TheDustysix Boise usually has little snow, although last year was an exception. Often it will melt within a day or so. In almost 20 years, I started my snow thrower that I brought with me when I moved from Salt Lake City only once.

  4. I have traveled the larger part of the US, and on this list, and I have been to almost all of them, the only places I would consider are Prescott, Boise and Salt Lake City. The rest are either too hot , too “southern” or leftist. All are a bit pricey. If price doesn’t matter the south shore of Boston is a great pace to live and so are parts of Long Island and Ct.

    1. Prescott is the only decent place on this list. It’s a little hotter than Flagstaff, but it’s 25 per cent cheaper. Flagstaff is like Austin with liberals galore because of the university there. It’s colder in winter and more expensive. The rest of these places have horrible weather.

    2. Austin is not as bad as you mention. I’m from Austin currently in San Diego, California. I can tell you it’s a lot safer than other places. There are Gangs everywhere but Austin is definitely safer than most.

    3. levester white You’re right, of course. Though Austin is so much larger than it was in the 80’s when I lived there. Great music, great food, and moderate weather for Texas. Frankly, if you were going to live in Texas and preferred a larger city, it’s the obvious choice.

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