5 Best Places to Retire in Florida | Retirement Planning

5 Best Places to Retire in Florida | Retirement Planning
Florida’s population swells by more than 1,000 people every day, many of them retirees relocating for the second halves of their lives. And it’s easy to see why: Even in the coldest months of the year, the average daily high is at least 70 degrees, and the temperature rarely dips below 50.
Florida is also one of the most tax-friendly states in the country for retirees. There is no state income tax, and permanent residents are eligible for a homestead exemption of up to $50,000. Seniors may qualify for an additional exemption.
But Florida is a big state, with diverse options on both coasts — or inland, if hurricanes or rising sea levels strike too much fear in your heart. (Generally, the hurricane risk on Florida’s west coast is less than on the east coast.) We’ve rounded up five great Florida retirement destinations that are affordable and offer access to top healthcare systems. Take a look.

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65 Replies to “5 Best Places to Retire in Florida | Retirement Planning”

    1. scott nob, I hope there’s plenty of room for big dogs to run. my six kids and two dogs are headed that way. they are home schooled so were wont be snow birds


    1. Luna Azule go to realtor. Com or realty . Com or apartment. Com and put in the town or city you want to see homes in. Or Zillow dot com and Trulia dot com is great also….just put the city in..

    2. Luna Azule
      One needs to check things out on your own. I’v been doing this for 7, months now. I’m also thinking of moving to Florida from California maybe this year.
      Shop around you will find a place to call home. Just be open minded

  1. Florida State is a great place to retire. Don’t retire in tidewater Virginia . They rip off the military and retires. So ☹☹. The beach is dirty.

    1. I lived in Richmond for 5 years. The nor Easters can be bad. Noticed this winter on the weather channel They had storm after storm. And from the looks of things the weather is not going to improve. Lots of flooding all over the globe.

  2. As a Canadian, we spend two months a year in Florida for now. We have lived in Daytona Beach, Bike week is a lie, It’s 3 moths of Bikes, Hot rods and parties. hide your daughters. We still go, we like it but would not live there. We Lived in Fort Myers / Cape Coral. Owned a business in Fort Myers and lived in Cape Coral. Not a bad place to live on a canal but crime was rising dramatically a few years ago when we left. We Now tour from the pan handle down the west coast to the keyes back to Miami and up the the east coast back to Canada by Motorhome.
    Last Yr we went to New Orleans for Mardis Gras (a beautiful experience) and followed the coast and stayed in every town along the way. Mississippi was the most RV friendly and so were the people.
    Tampa, St-Pete’s and Clearwater was the scariest experience in our lives. We were followed, broken into twice and literally the sketchiest place I have ever been other than Chicago area. One week in Clearwater, never saw a cop car, totally lawless. Lots of nice places to retire but do your homework. Four years ago we went to Panama City, fell in love with the place and suddenly it’s the crime capital of FL. You want safety, Stay away from the coast, not far, 20, 30 miles, On the coast look at Sanibel, Marco Island or the keyes.

    Good luck happy travels and a safe retirement.

    PS. In elderly retirement areas there is a safety factor and a danger factor. I was driving with a mayor in South Florida and we stopped at a red light and as it turned green he told me to be careful, a green light does not mean GO in South Florida, it means check both sides for on-coming elderly drivers, after living there I found out how right he was.

    1. Hector St-Jacques – Everything you say is true.  I just left Florida, Naples-Marco, due to Irma destroying my condo.  I can’t wait to get back to warmth and sunshine, hope to be back by Christmas.

    2. Hector St-Jacques
      Thanks much for your detailed and great explanation!
      Just wanted to say, dangerous drivers are everywhere, and at any age; I had many experiences from people literally flying as soon the green light is on! I’m 61, and always had been a careful driver! It’s better to be safe, than sorry!!!

  3. I have been retired for six years in Florida on Social Security. Most of us are in this category and are not able to buy properties like these. I have lived in Tampa, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale. Very expensive all around. Hordes of people everywhere and little to no respect for older people. Horrible traffic and prices. Rudeness everywhere you go. There is no reason for peoeple to be abusive but its that way. In the fifteen years I am in Florida I have seen a steady decline in the standard of living and its costs. Lots of people leaving also. Its just too hard to cope with these masses.

    1. I retired to Punta Gorda. It isn’t that bad down here, low crime, not a major tourist destination and a laid back lifestyle. Not much for younger people who might find it boring but most of us retirees who live here like it. People are friendly and Ft Myers isn’t that far away if one one’s big name entertainment and nightlife.

    2. You’ve chosen to live in one of the bigger cities and they are always more expensive to live in especially as all three are tourist destinations. I live in a small town and things are much nicer there, less expensive and lower crime as well.

    3. Joe Piervincenti Im 25 born raised near Tampa and I agree with your comment EVERYWHERE is crowded accidents crime rude ppl snowbirds cost of living cant wait to leave this shithole

  4. zip code. 32446. great little town. low crime. 45 mins north of panama city and 60 mins west of the capital. nice homes here in the 50s and up. low tax. the first 25 thousand is not taxed if you live on the land. look northwest florida for out of the way but still travel to the hot spots.

  5. Florida…aka Senile Hell.
    For all planning on retiring here… GO ELSEWHERE!!! We do not want you here. I have permanant injuries because one of the senile citizens and their “entitlement” to drive.
    24% here are over 65. The way the laws are written and the handouts given, ya would think it would be 94%. The 76% of us who are under 65 get treated like second class citizens.
    And it is only getting worse.

    1. Terry Lunsford
      Doesn’t look like you have done research. I can buy a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for less than 100k. My aunt and uncle sold a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for $112,000. Based on what you showed, that’s a whole lot less.

    2. Oh sure, you can get cheaper deals, but what kind of community is it in or how far away from nice beaches ? You can find dirt cheap properties if you don’t mind living in high crime,traffic, or driving an hour to a nice beach. I like well kept communities that are low on crime , plenty of good health care facilities, convenient public transportation including major airports, good stores, restaurants and less than 30 minutes to nice beaches.

    1. Hatlou Hotmess Jackson if u live in Florida thank God no one agrees wish the all the tourists would leave so we could live in peace the tourists are so rude and distasteful it’s so annoying

  6. You are kidding right? 215,000 is the cheapest home price you mentioned. What a joke!
    Here in middle GA, that same home would be less than 100,000.
    Our temperature is as good, with 3 days of frost yearly.

  7. Please just don’t. Our state deserves better than to be overrun by geriatrics. It’s a subtropical paradise, not a damn nursing home. I wish it weren’t legal to move to Florida from another state, transplants are horrible and ruin the state. Trump can build his wall right across the panhandle.

    1. What do you think is happening to us in California. Welcome to the USA illegals are standing at our borders today from Honduras saying they are coming in no matter what we say. I’d rather have older folks with money than illegals looking for us to support them. VN VET 69-71

  8. Born and raised in Florida…my grandson is a 4th generation Floridian. Lived in Broward County and since 1960 I have seen it go from paradise to an over crowded area that does not resemble anything I grew up with. I have lived in a number of places and I can tell you the cost of living BS is just that…BS. I now live outside the Charlotte NC area and I can afford a much nicer and larger home with over an acre of property, my property taxes are less than the sh-hole I had in SoFlo that was a half the value, my automotive insurance is a third of what it was, my homeowners insurance is a third as well. Most people I meet here are great and believe it or not over 50% had moved from Florida. We all enjoy the boat life here with the great lakes such as Lake Norman. Commuting through Charlotte does suck but it is not nearly as bad as going from Fort Lauderdale to Miami at 8:00AM (commute). So, I bid FLA fair well. All the tourists, transplants and the immigrants have transformed it and now own it. I moved on….

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