10 Best Places To Retire In The World

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10 Best Places To Retire In The World.
Any list of the 10 best places to retire in the world has to be subjective. You could think that Croatia is one of the 10 best places to retire in the world and your neighbor might think you’re nuts. Croatia? Aren’t they having a war of some kind over there?
However, if you apply factors such as the cost of living, the climate, housing, taxes, health care, and recreation, it’s possible to come up with a list of the 10 best places to retire in the world that is reasonably valid.
1: Panama
2: Ecuador
3: Thailand
4: Argentina
5: Belize
6: Mexico
7: Costa Rica
8: Nicaragua
9: Florida
10: North Carolina
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53 Replies to “10 Best Places To Retire In The World”

    1. MrMikeinDevon
      Has the world map changed recently? No? Ok, then Panama is still in central america. In fact, it’s about as central as central america can get. Why don’t you go look at a map sometime?

      Panama, will *never* become Mexico. Why? Well, it’s fairly obvious. The Panama Canal. Do you know how many countries send their ships through there? How much business goes through there? Now sure, like anywhere else, you can find your bad areas. My sister was there not too long ago (we’re from Panama) and she said there were some sketchy areas for sure. But that’s like anywhere on the globe. Overall, however, you can rest assured that the entire globe will ensure that Panama will never turn into Mexico!

    1. Wait ah minute, the best Spanish place! You guys don’t go into the Caribbean really! The Caribbean is of the map, wrong! Wring! Wrong!???

  1. a Leftist just won the presidential election in Ecuador, it doesn’t bode well for the future of that country it coud end up like Venezuela

  2. Ignorance at it’s best! All of this countries including Panama,  Costa  Rica and   Ecuador have the same problems  then Mexico crime wise, the thing is the media is not interested in talking about them, just Mexico and since people don’t inform themselves properly they don’t know nothing! The number one place to retire in 2017 is Mexico according to International  living and it is if you take under consideration everything. Some parts of Mexico are not to safe but Mexico is a big country, How safe are we in the U.S.? dead people every day!! Today Face book killing, hundreds being murder in Chicago and all over the country randomly!!  Mexico crime  is between the cartels, targeted.Ecuador??
    As of 2012, The U.S. State Department
    rates Ecuador has “Critical” for crime. Ecuador has a high rate of
    violent crime, and U.S. tourists are frequent targets. Crimes include murder,
    armed robbery, kidnapping and sexual assault in tourist
    destinations and in far-flung areas.

    1. 26K homicides in Mehico last year, 2017.  About twice the USA with half the population.  If we were to remove the Federal breeding colonies of Detois, Chit-cago, Camden NJ, East-LA we would look like Europe in terms of violent crime.  Americans seem incapable of connecting the dots with regard to our social ills…nearly all funded by the Federal government by paying young women to breed like rats…

  3. Costa Rica has just filed for bankruptcy, it’s broke. I have lived in Thailand for 14 years so I do know a bit about the country and it’s people. I have also had a long term visit to Cambodia in that time. If you are genuinely interest in Thailand reply to this comment with a question. Serious questions only please folks.

    1. richard westwell. But Richard I read that Thailand is not that cheap and not clean and so many
      tourists in that country got scammed thousands of dollars literally . From your experience living there how far you support that ?

  4. This is not true! I depends upon what country you are from yourself and how you make the comparison. And since this videographer is comparing costs and things to American standards this can not at all be valid for all people from the world. You should mention this in the forword!!!!

  5. LOL. this HAS to be a joke list or parody. NEVER retire in high crime regions, third world or non-english speaking countries. BEST countries for retiring in are: New Zealand, Australia, Canada. full-stop. 57% of expats say they are more physically active in New Zealand and over half say their Health has improved since moving there.

    1. I can’t speak about Canada or New Zealand but I live in Australia. Cost of living, especially in major cities, is relatively high. I believe there is also a fairly high financial barrier to getting a retirement visa (something along the lines of being able to bring a minimum of $500k or $1mil, I don’t remember exactly as I’m a citizen so don’t need to meet this requirement; I just noticed it in passing when I was checking country comparisons recently).

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