RETIRING on $300 a month CHEAP Living : Lo de Marcos Jalisco Mexico

Retiring on $300 a month Lo de Marcos Jalisco Mexico Cheap Living.

You could retire now, for as little as $300 per month in Lo de Marcos Jalisco, Mexico 2018? Of course, that means cutting back living Cheap Living on most luxuries and living a relatively simple Retirement lifestyle.

Important warning we DO NOT recommend any Real estate Company in Lo de Marcos.

Expats Retirement in Mexico Goes a lot further.

Retirement Planning Before You actually retires Will allow you to have more money And give you A better quality of life. Retirement planning is so important Before you actually do retire.

In Lo de Marcos, you will feel the essence of a true Mexican town. Wide, calm streets, colorful flowering trees and brilliantly painted façades accompany patient fishermen as they weave their nets, which they will later throw into the sea located at the end of the paved walkway.
“It is a small paradise on Earth,” expresses one of the inhabitants of this corner of the Riviera Nayarit. Here, hotels and villas of the purest Mexican style will welcome you with open arms.
Lo de Marcos is a town with a remodeled gazebo in the downtown and small businesses and restaurants with delicious homemade food and friendly service.

We suggest That youTravel in Mexico Before you decide Where you want to Set up You're Retirement lifestyle.

Some people like the Higher elevations like San Miguel And some people like the beaches Like Mazatlan, And some people like Chapala

Sayulita was "discovered" by roving surfers in the late 1960s with the construction of Mexican Highway 200. Today, Sayulita is a prosperous growing village of approximately 6,000 residents. Hailed as a popular off-the-beaten-path travel destination,

San Pancho Culture San Pancho, as the village of San Francisco, Mexico is affectionately known, has preserved its rural essence and the authenticity of a picturesque Mexican town. Here one can still enjoy the serenity and the principles of old Mexico; where people take the time to chat rather than rushing to do business. Just an hour’s drive north of Puerto Vallarta airport but a world apart, San Pancho sits peacefully upon a wide palm-fringed golden beach wrapped in a lush cloak of the verdant jungle. Quiet cobblestone streets provide visitors and residents a safe haven in which to wander and discover the town, with delightful restaurants close at hand to enjoy a delicious refreshment.

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Top 5 Best Business Jets Under 10 Million!

Here Are Our Pick Of the 5 Best Luxury Private Planes/Jets In The Market For Under 10 Million Dollars
Embraer Phenom 100E $4.2 million  
The single-pilot, twin-engine Embraer Phenom 100E, which the company began delivering two years ago, is an enhanced and more efficient version of its phenomenally successful predecessor, the Phenom 100.
Embraer delivered about 300 examples of the Phenom 100 from 2009 to 2014.
Cessna Citation M2 $4.7 million
Cessna Citation M2 arrived on the market in late 2013, its target audience consisted of owner-pilots ready to step up from the smaller and slower Citation Mustang.
But the company says the aircraft has also proved popular as the first stop for new jet customers.
The cockpit was designed for a single pilot and features Cessna’s Intrinzic flight deck, which includes high-resolution, multifunction touchscreen displays powered by Garmin G3000 avionics.
Cessna Citation CJ3+ $8.4 million
Certified for single-pilot operation, the $8.4 million Cessna Citation CJ3+ is equipped with a Garmin G3000 avionics suite that features a number of new systems designed to reduce pilot workload.
Embraer Phenom 300 $9 million
The high demand for the Embraer Phenom 300, a $9 million single-pilot aircraft, stems in part from its range of nearly 2,270 miles and its maximum cruising speed of 521 mph.
The cabin, which was designed in partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, has a slight oval shape that creates just over 5 feet of width, and large windows that allow natural light to fill the space.
Cessna Citation CJ4 $9.4 million
The single-pilot Cessna Citation CJ4 has a maximum cruising speed of 519 mph and can climb to a maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet in just 28 minutes.
Its range of 2,522 miles is enough to fly nonstop from New York to Phoenix. With the standard configuration, the cabin seats seven passengers, but it can accommodate as many as 10.
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