How to Live on a Million Dollars Forever

Make your Money last forever. If you invest it properly, passively, you never need to touch the principal, only touch the growth. In fact, it's a rule that you can never touch the principal. This is the cornerstone of financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). If you withdraw approximately 4% per year from your portfolio ($40,000 per year inflation adjusted on a Million dollar portfolio) you will NEVER need to deplete the principal. In fact, in 99.9% of cases your principal will grow with inflation. So, in year 2 you'll have your $40,000 withdrawal and $1,020,000 balance and it'll grow over time with inflation. The trinity study confirmed this fact and it is known as the 4% safe withdrawal rate (SWR) or the 4% rule for short.

Secret to Retiring Early: The 4% Rule đŸ”„:

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